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02-09-2010, 12:20 PM
For a few Million Dollar that must be * smile *
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Originally Posted by coderanger
To answer the original question, we have had people in the data center for about 2 weeks now installing new machines 18+ hours a day. Its been a gradual process, so we haven't really had anything "big announcement" worthy at any time.
Well i hope you continue installing lots more mate cause i just got off with more of the same issues. Also, yeah it may be a gradual thing and may not be worthy of BIG announcment however updating posts that are already in circulation that where posted by devs with said information of this continual process would ease the pain.

Originally Posted by Galdere
Originally Posted by Pax_WeeD
Originally Posted by PaX_WeeD
I will repeat...this is issue is not with my system, it is not with my ISP, this is a lack of either performance in their servers/network code or lack of enough room on their servers for all the players..
Believe us, it isn't.

If you are only getting decent performance in the early hours of the morning then it is either traffic shaping/contention/latency issues, or it is due to a problem with the network from Oz to STO.

This is why I said you need some expert advice. You'll have to look at the real cause to consider solutions. Try running a traceroute to begin with and see where the lag is caused.
When i get some more spare time i will gladly do more testing. However considering i can connect to multple of game servers all based in the US with low latency then im still failing to see how its my issue?

I have spoken with my ISP and 2 others i know who are having the same issues, one of which who is with a different ISP has also spoken with them, this is a known issue in our companies reported through their customers, the tracing of the bottlenecks do not end with them.

I have also tried what was suggested in an earlier post and in other threads, most of which is detailed in my linked other posting. That i have tried turning off my AV, on this computer i run a AV and i saw no increase in performance with or without, on my other computer i run with a heavily regulated firewall but no AV and i have up and down performance. So, in effect if it provides any improvement, i will not be turning it off on this computer.

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