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02-10-2010, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by Arithium View Post
Join the crowd. I have a serious Bridge Officer bug on both of my engineers and this is causing me to either be totally inefficient at Commander, or reroll BOTH officers have bugged skills. One has 2 Quick Fix I's and the second "bugged" one takes the place of the LT. Cmdr skill. The second BO has Aceton Field I which is broken AND you can't retrain it to something else. This means NO engy cruiser skills at Commander. I've ticketed this issue seperately on 2 tickets and haven't heard a response in over a week. Lovely.

Post there, add your ticked ID if possible, I can't find mine. I've also PM'ed a GM on the forums with that link. Hopefully the GM can escalate it.

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