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Speaking as a fully-paid (and stupid-for-doing-it) subscriber:

I believed Cryptic had a good thing going -

I believe that they would be "smart" enough to make sure they would have the most important thing "in place" and "ready-to-go" BEFORE the game would launch.

It is called "customer support"

It is the thing that makes or breaks games (and companies as that matters)... the past speaks for many FAILED games, the result of a lack of customer support, non-response, and not-give-a-damn attitude.

Lets see Cryptic's track record so far relating to this issue, from MY perspective:

1. I shelled out, in advance (yes, I already said I was stupid for trusting) for the LIFETIME subscription "after" purchasing the came from Atari (yes, I got the super enhanced digital preimum version.... yep, had alot of faith...).

2. Never got my promised items... but then again, that isn't even the main issue -

3. Haven't been able to get on the servers for DAYS. You know, that nice message that says "You are not allowed to access the server at this time... blah blah....."

4. I filed numerous tickets, not ONE responded to going on now five days?!

5. Over ten (10), yes ten (10) days of NO RESPONSE to any forum threads filed on the same issue (amazing actually) -

Now, what does that tell me (and other I would guess) what you think about your customers?

1. You don't have a customer service staff, or

2. You do have a customer service staff that doesn't care, or

3. You don't read forums, or

4. You, the provider, reads them and doesn't care...

5. Customer support means nothing - communicating to subscribers means nothing

Summary - You got our money and now you don't care-

Oh, almost forgot, your telephone support? 1 hour and 27 minutes later I hung-up. Must mean you have:

1. One person manning the phones, oe

2. One person manning the phones who watches the hold button blink

3. No one is there...

Wait till the magazine articles on Star Trek come out. You can be assured that there are many of us (I as one of them) that DO care and WILL write about the total lack of support, non-responsive behavior and "silence" weh ave received / continue to receive.

Shame on you Cryptic-

Shme on your unacceptable behavior and letting us down-

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