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# 11 making the ship our own
09-16-2008, 12:22 PM
during the speach on stage it was talked about customizing ships . this creates ownership and great goals to work for . i also have played eve and beta tested earth and beyond . i always like being able to add to my ship . but i hope there will not be to many limits as for upgrading hulls and weapons and also color . I am hoping we could also at some point add landing gear as seen in the movies . watching a large ship in a landing is just cool beyond belief. maybe it could also be a skill and a add on hard to get . i am sitting here playing wow just waiting my time out for this game . i have beta tested 3 games and i hope this will be my next long term home (ultima online1999-2007, lineage 2, earth and beyond , eve, wow,lineage, ) from what i understand guys since 1995 with windows 95 we star trek fans have been waiting for this day.

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