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# 1 STO Has created a monster! lol
02-10-2010, 01:28 PM
This started two months ago when the closed beta started, My father in law was told about STO and began to read anything and everything on the website and in the forums.

When the pre orders started he dropped between $400. to $500 dollars on the various copies he ordered. (six copies of CE and DE editions) 3 copies of each!

Then when the subscription prices where announced he paid for 3 lifetime accounts. He dropped over $900.00 into them!

At first my brother in law and myself thought "well ok your paying for it." and started playing with him online during the open beta and headstart.
Now a week after launch and my brother in law and myself are buying bottles of eye drops for our tired red eyes, his soda intake has trippled as well as my coffee drinking.
"Our lack of sleep is getting to us both!"

His father has been playing two toons most of the time since headstart on the upwards of 16 hours a day!
My father in law won't stop even to eat execpt between missions...
This is even gotten so bad that my father in law expects his daughter (my wife) to give up her time on our personal computer for me to be online playing; being her laptop (which I'm using to post this) can't run STO all that well. (wireless)

The only time he's not playing during the day is when he's asleep....

Heres the irony of all this: And this is from a man that watched his son and myself play other mmo's over the years and said that "He would never get so wrapped up in a game like we do."

And really the only time my brother in law and myself get a break from sto is when we're going out shopping for food or cleaning the house and yes of course when we get to sleep.

So Cryptic has turnned my father in law into a monster mmo player with STO...

last word: The other irony, my brother in law and I THOUGHT this would get him to doing something constructive....
But the reality of the whole situation is this. My father in law has something to do now (he's a disabled Nam vet) spends most of his time in bed now playing STO. And frees my brother in law and myself up from time to time to do things around the house without him telling us "How to do it the Army WAY"

Btw: I've already made a last will and testment if this mission goes south on

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