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Lt. Commander
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At the moment the tier-3 and tier-4 skills for Starfleet Training are nigh-on useless.

Each one gives bonuses to piloting either a specific tier-3 or tier-4 ship, which practically all players will replace as they gain rank. This means any skill points put into those skills are completely redundant as soon as you pass that tier.

(yes, it is true the escort ones unlock skill training options - but that is a lot of points for -just- that)

In light of this, I've got some ideas on how the tree could be rearranged to make the Tier 3 and Tier 4 options more appealing. I've put together two sample alternative trees, outlined below. One focuses on starships, the other mixes in the BO / team stuff that is currently only in tier-1. I've tried to maintain the whole general-to-specific aspect in both examples.

This set of changes focuses on starship captain-ing.

Tier 1
leave it as is

Tier 2
- Starship Hull
- Starship Manoeuvers
- Starship Speed

The description of each of the starship 'skills' says they boost these three stats. Instead of boosting all three for a class, these skills boost only one but for all three classes. This has the side-effect that a player can still change ship-class during their LC career without having 'wasted' skill points.

Tier 3
- Cruiser Captain
- Science Captain
- Escort Captain

These would be the same as the current tier-2 powers, meaning the player now specialises in a specific class.

Tier 4
- Cruiser Hull
- Escort Manoeuvers
- Science Speed

These boost only that specific element for that specific class. The idea is each is the most applicable for that class. Tweaking may be required?

Tier 5
- Cruiser Manoeuvers
- Cruiser Speed
- Escort Hull
- Escort Speed
- Science Hull
- Science Manoeuvers

The admrial-level lets you specialise in doing things outside the idiom of your ship class.

This set of options splits focus between captain-ing and ground operations

Tier 1
- Starship Captain
- Ground Commander

Ground Commander is a mix of all three 'team' abilities, providing benefit to all three in one.

Tier 2
- Cruiser Captain
- Escort Captain
- Science Captain

No change from current tree

Tier 3
- Tactical Commander
- Science Commander
- Engineering Commander

As per the existing tier-1 abilities, only these would stack with the new tier-1 'ground commander' ability.

Tier 4
- Advanced Cruiser Captain
- Advanced Escort Captain
- Advanced Science Captain

These do much the same as the tier-2 variants, only they stack with the tier-2 ones as well.

Tier 5
- Tactical Team
- Tactical Operations
- Engineering Team
- Engineering Operations
- Science Team
- Science Operations

The 'operations' skills provide boosts to your BO powers in away teams, while the 'team' powers provide boosts to your respective 'team' abilities.

These are, of course, suggestions made without numbers and would need shuffling and balancing. The idea of this is to remove any redundant powers from the trees, meaning players have meaningful choices to make at all tiers within this skill group.

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