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Sadly since the Klingons are Level restricted and the Federation is not, there are some problems on playing in any Fleet action maps.
At lv 45 Klingon unless you want to PvP every since minute of the game there is only 2 places that one can go.

Teroka System or Yov'bot system for some PvE Time and trying to get some Admiral/General gear.

T'kanis Nebula is close or offlimits at the moment, defenitive doing ChoS Nebula is already getting old.

It would be more fun if the level restriction(41-45) for the Klingons is lifted from both Fleet action maps, I'm talking about lv41 to lv44 can't go to a fleet action wit the lv45.

The federation Faction can go to any Fleet action map and that level restriction is not implemented... Last night during the Defence of SB 24, there was a T3 ship and 2 T2 ships in there, the 2nd time i was there, it was a T2 ship in there. So you can imagine what players were the top DPS.

During Defence the Sirius Sector Block, there was a T5 ship there... so i just stay at the Spawn point and let him finish the map. BTW the AI was already -1 to me inside that instance. So what is the fun on that? if i wanted to powerlevel, sure i could follow him so he could kill all the AI's for me. but i like to level on my own pace.

I would be fair since the Klingon Faction are Level restricted, the Federation Faction be level restricted too. I know life is not fair and the klingons faction is incomplete. but if we don't raise some of the problems this game has, how it will improve?

Maybe some of you will complain about this but it sucks when there is a group of lv 40's and one can't really go as a group to any of the fleet action maps because one or 2 are already lv 45.
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# 2
02-10-2010, 12:55 PM
I was actually asking about this in a round about way in another thread...T'Kanis is broken?
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02-10-2010, 06:49 PM
it was open for CB and OB, but now is just block/broken/offlimits what ever the Dev's decide to calle it... is on the map but there no missions to go there.

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