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# 1 Defeating the Fedball?
02-10-2010, 10:37 PM
Im in T3 at the moment and ive had to deal with this problem for over a week now.

How do you defeat a Fedball?

This problem is most prevalent in 5v5 arenas.

Im no noob when it comes to klingon combat effectiveness and my groups arent stupid either.

I just cannot see any viable solution to this tactic.

The Fedball always has 1-3 engineers in it which spam heals on whoever is taking hits.

The tactics i have tried with my group are:
  • Attack the weakest link - the lowest level in the group
  • Attack the engineer so the Fedball loses a healer
  • Bait and switch to draw out a Fed to waste away from his healers
  • Gathering all of my team to one spot, popping all cooldowns (and a blood vessel) nuking one down hard and fast.
  • Nuking one then OMGWTFBBQ the hell out in full nitro
  • Sitting in cloak and waiting them out hoping they will get bored and attack
  • Going full afterburner the second i spawn hoping to catch them off balance or when their entire team hasnt arrived yet

As soon as the feds enter the arena, they group up in their Fedball and just sit there. They dont attack, they dont move, they dont do anything except heal and attack without ever straying from the group.

EDIT - just in case someone does not know... a Fedball is a solid closed sphere of federation ships with 1-3 healer engineers at its core. The reason it is indestructible is because the healers can simply outheal the dps of 5 klingon attacks with all cooldowns used. Most attacks against this sphere ends with the result being 2-5 losses for a single federation ship.

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