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02-10-2010, 11:56 PM
So I was at work tonight, pondering some ideas and things that I would personally hope pop up in the game sometime in the future, and it hit me.

How about a world event for First Contact Day. Wouldn't having something out of the ordinary written in for that day just be grand?

Now on a feedback aspect, here are a few things that I've written up.

The Romulan mission on Iconia. The Subcommander helper guy that spawns the multicolored army...there are way too many of them. Their weapon is overpowered, in that it seems to just pass right through your shields. Want to balance it? Correct 1 of these 2 issues, and I think it'd be more in line with not being so mind-numbingly reliant on focus firing down the leader and rubbing some prayer beads that you don't all die before him.

Exploration missions. Going back to my earlier suggestion, lets make some first contacts of our own here! There are tons of new civilizations we could be meeting, I say lets see if this is able to be implemented.

Bridge Officers. Early in public development, bridge officers were described as one form of currency to be used between players. It was said that this would be one way to effectively distinguish yourself, being able to train them in certain skills and then trade them to your friends. I would like to see this come to fruition. It would make my day, because that's why I took the time to train skills like Engineering Team III, or Shield Recharge III. I want to be the guy my friends go to when they need one of those skills on a bridge officer, and they aren't engineers themselves.

These are just a few, and I'll add more if I think of them. Hopefully this gets seen at some point and at the very least, considered by the people in charge. Thanks for making a game that I'm actually enjoying and looking forward to playing when I find the time!

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