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# 1 to do list
02-11-2010, 01:27 AM
I have seen a lot of frustration that may be softened by a suggestion, why not create a basic to do list on the website? i have seen it done before and it is very community friendly. basically have a set of priorities, based on community input; high priority tasks, mid, low, things to look into, and a checklist, showing what has been done in the past few patches. that way community suggestions can be responded to easily in the forums as " good idea we will put it on todo" and the community can see that it is on the list and see how it is prioritized, and certain subjects wont be pummeled to death over and over. most of the frustration stems from just that most of us cant see if our suggestions are getting thro the high traffic. a todo list would help ease that. there are some things im sure devs dont want to reveal, so you can mention some things as secret tasks or something. it doesnt have to be extensive, just basic. example: 1. look into certain plant graphics mechanics 2. address possible uniform glitch 3. narrow down certain cruiser exploits 4. add new starship

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