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02-10-2010, 11:02 AM
Cloak is not an issue.
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02-11-2010, 03:14 AM
I've played up to Commander in Fed and Captain in Klingon, mostly PvP in both, and I've yet to see a single match where a player or team used the cloak to "grief". I would imagine this is an extremely isolated event, given that it's just as boring for everyone to sit around doing nothing. Klingons actually have even more of an incentive to get matches over with quickly, given that PvP is their main source of XP. This is why we see so many Klingon "suicide runs".

This seems like a non-issue, with wildly "over-kill" solutions being proposed.
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02-11-2010, 03:21 AM
stop "klingons have cloaks" - whining threats!

water is wet, sky is blue, klingons have cloaks... facts...

i agree to the fact that deathmatches without timelimit and both sitting in cloaks are boring. so just give the game a limited time and all problems are solved.

btw if cloaks are griefplay than fedballs in minefields are griefplay too
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02-11-2010, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by Edgecase View Post
There's a lot of discussion going on about uses and abuses of Klingon cloaking in PvP, so here's a thought for a potential solution.

[Edit: Main idea altered later on, as I realized the problem is not cloak specifically, but rather a gameplay mechanic that promotes "turtling" and the lack of a standoff-breaking mechanic. Later posts make this clearer, so read on.]

[Edit2: Instead of the "doomsday button" below, an arena-only stacking buff/debuff on Klingon ships could encourage and compel action. After one minute out of combat, Klingon ships begin accumulating a stacking buff called "bloodthirst". Each stack reduces stealth by 10% but increases damage by 5%. The stack increases by 1 point every 10 seconds until cloak deactivates at 10 charges, leaving a 50% damage buff. The only way to get rid of charges is by firing a weapon, which reduces the stack size by 1 for each shot fired.]

First, a simple premise:
Cloak abuse is only an issue on arena maps. On objective-based maps, perpetual cloaking is useless because the other team can easily complete the map objectives to win.

And the solution proposal:
Add an interactable "warp flux transducer artifact" object to the center of all space arena maps. When activated, the artifact will disappear, but reveal all cloaked and MESed ships for a period of time proportional to their distance from the object (farther = revealed longer). This object will spawn 3 minutes into the match, and respawn 3 minutes after each use. The ship which activates this object will suffer a 15-second penalty to all power settings.

Numbers, obviously, could be tweaked.

This solution would:
  • Stop cloak griefing
  • Retain the advantage of cloaked attack for Klingon players, but set an effective time limit for setting up and carrying out an attack from stealth
  • Draw combat toward the center of the map where more varied terrain can come into play
  • (Farther = longer effect) Retain the effectiveness of the ability against players who are attempting to hide far from the map center, as it takes longer to locate and engage a target which is farther away
  • (15 second power penalty) Discourage players from abusing the artifact to negate battle cloaking

Not only no but hell no. I think cloak is half-broken as it is, because even though I survived the cloaking process in a fight, all weapons get to finish their cycle so I still get drilled even when I've been fully cloaked for a few seconds. No thanks.

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