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Are those black spots supposed to be shadows? If they are they are very badly made.

To me it looks like someone forgot to use textures there because quadratic shadows are a bit rare in natural environments like caves.


Black spot in another environment:

Here I´m standing in the entry of the cave, well you dont see me, just my weapon:

Here my weapon (it must have run ahead :p) is shooting at invisible targets:

Still fighting invisible opponents:

I know this is intentional but I just find it just UGLY:
A grid in space... who had that weird idea? I dislike sector space and even more its crap patterns.

A bug I encountered during a ground mission where you have to fight some "spirits" who are coming from portals. Because I had to do that mission twice due to a mission bug I waited for them by theyr portal which made me glow as they do. I had to fight that way because I didnt want to start over again.

Last but not least an NPC who corners me so that I can not move anymore. I can run through my team but those randomly following npc´s are obstacles:

I got an Ati5870 and am using the latest drivers.

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