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okay bought sto played it for past few days and really enjoy it. But why so much blasting go exploring end up blasting come on i will surrvie for 15 minutes without blowing somthing up.

The ship combat is great but just for a change i dont want to blast everything.

And my biggest gripe nothing to do with Cryptic is its soooooooooooooooooooooo quiet apart from the bloody spamers(if you come across them plz just report them and it also blocks them) Is no one speaks join a team on a mission and nothing most of the time. Quick 2 secs of typing and if you work as a team u easily can overcome the bigger ships.

But this could be to do with the blasting nature of the game hopefully cryptic will balance this out. i love the game but its so silent out there(i know the quote in space no one can here you scream) but in sto you can here a bloody pin drop.

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