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02-11-2010, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
For the record, I'm a PvP god who owns people with all of those things and I agree with changing them. Some changes are simply about making the game more fun. The proposed changes would actually make ground PvP into a more aggressive battle as it would be important to press in to complete a kill rather than just waiting for an expose.

Frankly there's just too much luck involved in ground PvP right now. There are ways to bend the luck in your favor, premade vs pug, but when two skilled teams go head to head, it's mostly down to luck.
I agree. Both sides do this tactic in Ground PvP and it becomes somewhat of an, dare I say "exploit" but when do poeple in PvP NOT find the best strategy(exploit) to win? The folks saying learn to PvP are clueless as what needs to be done and are the real easymoders. Anyone with any competitive bone will want a balance. Then comes the SKILL and pwnage. Anything other than that is unbalance and no fun for anybody.

Good ideas on the suggestions so far. Hopefully these ideas and unbalances will not fall on deaf ears.

I really hope they get it all worked out because i like the game alot, but playing it solo most of the time becomes boring. PvP keeps alot of folks around because of the team atmosphere. The game is still young.

Heres to some some balancing and reworking of the PvP system.

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