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Cryptic, after playing STO for a few months now, I have a few suggestions that I believe would make STO a better game. The most important one involves cannon balance. I love cannons, but they are far to effective to be anything but the must have weapons. As it stands now, all a cannon heavy ship has to do is either park it's nose or go in at 1/4 thrusters and blast away. This is boring, and in a tactical game, serves no purpose. The two things I suggest to bring improvements to cannons in STO are:

#1. Adjust the cannon power ratios. My suggested changes are.
  • Dual Heavy Cannons-20 weapon power per salvo.
  • Dual Cannons-15 weapon power per salvo.
  • Cannons-10 weapon power per salvo.
  • Turrets-7 weapon power per salvo.

These changes alone will require cannon users to adjust their setups to various other weapon types instead of all duals/heavies front.

#2. Give cannons bonuses to power usage if the player is using thrusters. For example.

Full thrusters-75% bonus to weapon power usage.
3/4 thrusters-50% bonus to weapon power usage.
1/2 thrusters-25% bonus to weapon power usage.
1/4 thrusts-10% bonus to weapon power usage.

So the faster the player is moving with thrusters the less weapon power it takes to fire cannons. You could also provide a slight kinetic damage bonus for full thrusters and cannons.

I am interested on hearing feedback on these ideas. I love STO and want to see it become a better game. Thanks.

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