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Ok, I'm hoping to make a catalogue here of known STARSHIP MODEL issues. This means anything from phasers shooting out from nowhere, to clipping textures, visual glitches and Canon inconsistencies.

PLEASE, post ONLY if you have any NEW info on issues or inconsistencies any ship might have, as posting info already found here will only hamper my efforts to update this thread.

If you are only here to flame or whine or otherwise argue semantics, PLEASE GTFO NOW!


*ship part registries are glitchy, can replace NCC number with 987098709870:
(Post 24th March, this seems to affect ALL ships at random during customization)

Tier 1

Light Cruiser:
*Centaur has windows and escape pods on Impulse Engines - Makes no sense

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Miranda saucer front has two window lines, not one, Rearward windowing also improper

Tier 2

*Saber Nacelles attach at different points, making them lopsided
*Ushann hull and Saber Saucer clip at front
*Various Trail Errors

Science Vessel:
Canon Inconsistencies:
*Deflector is incorrectly textured
*Indented Windows on Saucer missing, but their indents aren't

*Excalibur, Vesper lacks proper Shuttle Bay
*Torpedoes do not launch from Torp Bay in the Neck (unconfirmed)
*Vesper windowing between Hull/Neck joint clipping

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Saucer has two window lines on side, not one. Missing recreation deck on right back of saucer rim as well.
*Arboretum windows on sides of second hull missing
*Saucer should not have windows on main area of upper Saucer, underside Windows are wrong
*Strongback paint missing on all materials: 1 2
*Missing VIP lounge on back of upper Saucer
*Shuttle Bay Doors are dome shaped like TOS, not cone shaped like TMP Canon. Red upper lights missing.
*Outer nacelle grills are supposed to be unlit

Tier 3

Heavy Escort:
Canon Inconsistencies:
*Unnecessary vertical pylons on rear hull (block between nacelles) (1)
*Rear hull supposed to house Deflector (2)
*Nacelles not integrated into Saucer (3)
*Gap on Saucer front too wide (4)
*Saucer front too spherical.

Research Science Vessel:
Canon Inconsistencies:
*Radically different model
-Olympic doesn't have a Deflector in middle of Saucer

Heavy Cruiser:
*Third Cheyenne Impulse leaves no trail

Tier 4

Tactical Escort:
*No Cannon/Turret/Dual Beam points
*No Torp Launchers
*No Phaser strips

Canon Inconsistencies:
*No light showing ship's Name (This only appears a few times in DS9. Could be Optional?)
*Main Deflector front not angled downwards enough
*Rear Nacelles glow not glowy enough (Material Type2a also much deeper blue)

LR Science Vessel:
*Discovery, Cochrane Saucers (nearly) blocking forward torp launchers

Canon Inconsistencies:
*The STO model depicts Canon Aft Torp Launchers as Impulse Engines
*The Canon Impulse Engines are Blue, not Red per Canon, and leave no trail
*New Aft Torps underneath Shuttle doors are New!
*Saucer (Secondary) Deflector Dish isn't supposed to be lit up
*Nacelles do not move up when preparing for Warp
*Saucer upper deck, aft hull tip windowing incorrect

Exploration Cruiser:
*Various texture issues, canonical stuff, etc
*EXCESSIVE size difference between models

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Saucer too thick around the edge
*The strip that comes down the center of the rear hull is about twice as tall as it should be
*Nacelle pylons should not attach underneath hull tail, should blend smoothly into it
*Escape pods are arranged in a single ring around the outside of Saucer, opposed to Canon
*Neck Impulse Engine should be further down and shaped like an oblong box
*None of the materials mimick the look of Canon Galaxy

Tier 5

Advanced Escort:
*Dual Cannons/Beams on top Nacelle tips?!
*Prometheus Lower Nacelles do not glow during Warp Out sequence (Possibly also on other models)
*Prometheus and Phoenix don't have windows on lower Hull
*Cerberus lower Hull windows don't change with Window selection. They are always Type 1
*When pressing Cerberus preset in Ship Customization, lower Hull is set to Prometheus
*UV map for the saucer section of the Prometheus produces "wavy" lines with texture's panels

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Area near main Deflector where Hull joins to Saucer is very strangely shaped. Should look more like Sovereign's/General Model inconsistency to Canon

Fleet Escort:
*Dervish Saucer: Flickering lights on underside.

Recon Science Vessel:
*No blinking lights opposed to other ships
*Polaris Nacelle Buzzards have different 'backlight' texturing

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Escape pods are in wrong place, shouldn't be a ring around bottom of saucer
*Large windows (Arboretum-like as Constitution) are missing on Hull
*Lots of Canonical errors, Extensive windowing inconsistencies, missing lower pods, etc

Deep Space Science Vessel:
*No window selection
*Destiny Mission Pod shares texture with Deflector, looks bad with Material 2.

Assault Cruiser:
*Imperial: NecroWulf drops it like it's hot
*Imperial parts lock Windows to 1.

Canon Inconsistencies:
*Missing Phaser strips on nacelles
*Deflector not yellow
*No red stripes/decals along hull
*Saucer edges too thick
*Missing lights on Neck and Saucer
*Engine Blocks too large, Engine Texturing could be different

*Saucer should be Smoother
*Pylons should be straightened out

Star Cruiser:
*Avenger pylons are Asymmetrical, making Nacelles lopsided
*Hull/Saucer joints are jaggy
*Saucer Impulses leave no trail
*Avenger Saucer(Hull): Ship number/registry twisting and obscured by parts
*Avenger Saucer+Other Hull: Pods are obscured

Issues and Errors List continues two posts down!

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