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I've seen and read all sorts of complaints about STO, most about lack of auto-fire, repetitiveness, etc, etc. All are a symptom of one problem. STO is an entirely soulless beast. It looks pretty, and even seems good at first, but, fairly early on, with the Miners issues quest, and the exploration farce, you realize that you've been duped.

Star Trek is ultimately about Soul, morals and investigation play a huge part of every episode, and Cryptic has sucked that right out of this game, replacing it with a hollow, but pretty, version of what the Holodeck portion of Starfleet Academy's Combat training must be like.

Crucial elements of Star Trek, like the Prime Directive, are lost in the glare of brilliant phaser/disruptor fire and explosions, and all of us, Trekkies and MMO Gamers alike, suffer for it.

No MMO franchise has ever had a better setting to ignore the "trinity" system, and make combat a part of a whole, not the whole itself, than Star Trek. Woe to us all, Cryptic took that, copy/pasted Champions, with a Pirates of the Burning Seas space fight, and then took every Trekkie in the world's money gleefully and laughed all the way to the bank.

I want to like this game more, I really do. but every time I play, I feel more and more dissattisfied, especially with ground combat, which is extremely tedious. As for a solution, I would like to see more non-combat related content, including investigation with dialogue that you can get wrong, and alter the mission; mini-games relating to science and engineering tasks; ship interiors that are not only explorable, but have portions of the game take place in them, reminiscant of actual Star Trek shows. For combat itself, I don't know how to implement it correctly, but I'd like to see less enemies during ground combat, when beam down to a planet, and see 10 groups of four "patrolling" right off the bat, something feels wrong. Especially when after completing part of the mission, it ends with more enemies continuously beaming to directly infront of you while you leave. Also, I'd like to see some non-fatal melee and phaser combat take place. I'd like to set my phaser to stun, and capture an opponent, or Cryptic willing, a crewmate driving insane by some kind of sickness.

To sum up, I believe this game has the capability to feel like Star Trek, and hopefully someday it will.

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