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So we all know there was already a bug where the UI reverts to the default display options for power distribution and the hot bar itself. (ie: You use setup 3, you log out, you log back in and it's back to setup 1)

But now the UI is randomly upon zoning (not every time, but about 40% of the time) adding weapons back into the empty spots on my hot bar after I remove them.

As an example I fly an assault cruiser (Sovereign) with 6 beam arrays and 2 torpedo launchers. I keep the torpedoes on my hot bar and remove all beam weapons. I have two beams set to auto-fire, and the rest I activate with the space bar. With all my abilities placed on the hot bar (I use setup 3 for 3 rows of 10 buttons) I end up with a few empty slots. Before the Feb 11 content patch these spots would remain empty even after logging out and back in. Now after the Feb 11 content patch, about 40% of the time just when zoning some of my beams will end up filling up these empty spot. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!

I can setup my own damn hot bar thank you very much! I do not need this auto-fill function nor do i want it. This is very annoying and needs to be addressed.

Also, the option to always display my own name is still broken, can we ever expect to see this get fixed?

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