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mask energy signature, the skill that boost this power is different between the skills advancement window and the skill description window.

this is what i mean.

if you look at the skills windows (ie the one where you add to your skills) it'll say that this power is base on these 3 skills.
1. starship operations
2. starship sensors
3. starship sensor arrays

however if you was to use BO assignment page, and check the info page (ofc you'll need a BO with this power, just in case you are not sure, i am talking about the info button 2 button down fromt he commission button when you right click on it) it'll say that this power is base on these 3 skills
1. starship engineering
2. starship auxiliary system maintenance
3. starship auxiliary system performance

which one is correct

now before we all jump to starship operation tree, although it sound the power should be there, the other tree also makes sense as the power of the cloak depend on the auxiliary power. in additional i would rather trust the skill description window in the assignment tab as it give more info on the power than the skill window.
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02-12-2010, 08:59 AM
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02-12-2010, 11:14 AM
File a bug report about the info on those unassigned officers and go with what it says on the powers tray when in space for those you have assigned.

As for the skills page, I still don't see the associated captain's skills listed on any BOff power.

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