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02-12-2010, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by Gunstoo View Post
Since the last patch I can't play the game at all unless I'm in space. As soon as I get onto a planet I get artifacts and the image locks up and it even caused a BSOD once.

I can see that the driver stops, error message pops up saying the adapter driver has recovered or some such.

When this occurs I can't even play other games until I shut the computer down for a bit then restart it.

I can play MW2, Dragon Age, Demi God, etc, etc without any problems until I load up STO and only since the last patch.

My brother bought the game and I am using a 10 day pass and was going to buy the game but now I can't even play.

I have an Core i7 processor running on Vista 64 bit with an HD 4850.

All other games work fine. Don't know what to say, seems like the game to me. I'm going to try a few things I've seen on the boards today when I get home and hopefully get it working.

BSOD's are caused by faulty hardware or drivers.
Artifacts are caused by faulty/overheating hardware.

Also remember, this game puts a lot more stress on your system, than a single player game that has been in development for years and is heavily optimized.

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