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02-12-2010, 05:00 PM
Why is it that all the skillless, dim-witted, crybaby Federation players come on here to pout? You don't see me starting a post every time I lose a match. And what exactly is the point of picking a fight with us? Is some how calling us fan boys going to magically create an consensus among us and grant us developer's control over STO? I think not. Speaking of fanboyism, how is arguing that Klingons, the warrior species of the Star Trek universe, are completely outgunned by Federation ships sticking to "canon"? So many questions, so very little logic on the part of our esteemed OP.

And of course the irony of this particular dip****'s response is that he begins his response by noting that - uh, he is talking about a particular match where he was outnumbered. Perhaps its not so much that game is "broken" but rather that you got ***** by more players than you could handle. I don't see why I shouldn't get to use a cloak because one dumb schmuck out there can't organize his team well enough (more irony!) to avoid being outflanked by a larger group. I'm sure you'd love a world where other players have big red signs painted on them and you can just slap your face on the keyboard to win, (I only say that because that seems to be how you wrote your post) but the rest of us don't have a problem with losing on occasion.

That being said, yes there are issues about PVP that need to be addressed - mostly they can be traced to population control. Being a ********** to everyone else isn't going to change that.

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