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02-12-2010, 05:59 PM
Short-term requests

- Allow the "report spam" feature in the mailbox to auto-delete the message and ignore the sender
- Fix Commander Teleb (you know who I'm talking about), and perform bug fixes, bug fixes, and more fixes. Don't add more content until you fix more issues.
- Start the hiring process for more Support people (see Mid-term requests)
- Start the hiring process for Technical Writer (see Mid-term requests)
- Start posting a Dev Blog on a more frequent basis (you already do this for Champions)
- Fix fleet logos

Mid-term requests

- Update the "manual" and add real Trek-like end-user gameplay documentation. This honestly wouldn't take a skilled technical writer with a head for online gaming and communication months to do. Call it something interesting (e.g., The Daystrom Institute, or something else that would make the CBS suits happy), and write it in the style of a Star Fleet Technical Manual or Handbook. Hook this information into the game, for example at Memory Alpha or on Earth when you open up the Sol System in the next big content patch.
- Fix fleet uniforms (I should be able to put on my uniform right from the Fleet window. I shouldn't have to go to the tailor. Would be nice if it worked like CoH where you go into "Supergroup Mode" (in this case "Fleet Mode" and your costume changed accordingly.)
- Focus more on improving Support. One person on the forums and one person on the phone with your head of Support taking tickets? That is a broken system. It needs a LOT more TLC (like your documentation).
- Give some damn life to the social zones (i.e., Risa, DS9, various bars). There should be mini-games, Dabo girls, the works. It's utterly lifeless in these areas. Slapping in a bar and bartender and a few NPC patrons is not enough.

Long-term requests

- N/A: Would rather play the game for 30+ days before giving my 2 cents on this.

[Edit: More than three, but oh well. :p]
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02-12-2010, 06:24 PM
Short Term Requests
  • Add a difficulty slider.
  • Put the Siren Sound back on Bracing for Impact. During the start of Open Beta, using Bracing for Impact had a classic Trek siren audio cue. At some point after one of the Open Beta patches the siren sound disappeared. The siren sound was great, and should definitely be put back in.
  • Give us the option to have a larger, more colorful, more noticeable cursor.

Medium Term Requests
  • Give us more flexibility with our toolbars. We should be able to place all the toolbars where we want on our screen.
  • Make the bridges smaller -- I understand there are engine and gameplay reasons why they need to be larger than real life. But a reduction of 25-33% of their current size would make a big difference. Right now they are immersion breaking. If you can't change the size, adding more stuff in would help. Right now they look huge and empty.
  • Add wild animals to the exploration planets. Having fauna in addition to flora would go a long way to making the planets feel more alive. Take the great alien generation technology used for character creation and come up with a four legged (or six or eight legged) version of it. Then use it to create random critters to add to the planets. Some animals should be docile, whereas others should be aggressive and potentially dangerous.

Long Term Requests
  • The Bridge Officers are amazing, and a great game design idea. Continue to expand on them. Give them additional abilities, and maybe their own stats in addition to the skills they currently have. Plus allow us to designate a First Officer (of any profession) giving them special first officer skills. Anything that deepens this already great system would be appreciated.
  • Expand out the exploration clusters. Give us more complex exploration missions. Maybe add in star systems, where we would have to go back on several occasions to help out the same group of aliens, leading to some sort of relationship with different groups. Could be expanded to even include things like reputation and such.
  • Add playable Romulans.
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02-12-2010, 07:02 PM
Short Term: I desire to have less combat missions, and more bluff/negotiate/other option to deal with enemies. Far too much blood shed for Trek.
-Add some sort of dying penality. Either loose some crew, keep some damage, weapons arn't as effiecent until a visit to Star base to repair, SOMETHING!!!!

Medium Term: More creatures on planets! There are tons of Trek creatures to use (Mugato, Flying Parisites, Denibian Slime devil, etc) Let's see them on those boring scan 4x artifacts missions. Have them attack!
-Also, the addition of TOS equipment (Phaser, Communicator and Tricorder.) Either have them available from a merchant to buy or in the C-Store.
-The ability to go to sections of your ship such as Sickbay, Engineering, Hanger Deck, Transporter room, briefing room, etc.
-Allow one of your BO's to be promoted to First Officer.
-Allow FREE rank changes at tailor when you get promoted!
-Have more abilities such as Transporter and Tractor Beam. Let your sensors actually scan ships and planets.
-Being able to hail ships withoutt triggering auto attack. (This could tie in with my number one request in short term)

Long Term: More races in the game. Merchants as a class. More ships. More uniform choices. More missions!
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02-12-2010, 07:22 PM
Short Term (addition to my previous)
  • Remove or allow to be disabled the Windowed Mode/Minimize button the the top right. (I do not know how many times I have accidentally clicked this in battle. As well, gods forbid we put any window in that corner, for then the Close button on it becomes unusable. Why do we even need that there when there is a key-binding to go into windowed mode and as well can just easily Alt-Tab or press the Windows Key on keyboard to minimize the game?)
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02-12-2010, 09:35 PM
- Short Term -
  • Option to remove the pop ups, and have them appear as buttons on the bottom right to click. Several times I've been picking up an item dropped by an enemy, and as I press "F" to collect a move to next map window pops up just as I'm pressing it, and causing me to warp away with out the drop.
  • Allow me to turn while in combat and having an enemy targeted. Currently once in combat the turn keys turn into strafe keys. I need to be able to see where I'm trying to run to. Can keep my character facing the target, but let the camera continue to turn so I can keep moving.
  • Missions that have nebula's where you cannot use full impulse, don't put ship under red alert, makes me think something is actually attacking me. Use yellow alert.

- Mid Term -
  • Filter contacts when I call into star fleet. Need an option to hide different contacts, options such as patrols, defeats, fleet actions, PVP, explores, story, other.
  • Fix explores, half the time I cannot join my team mate when I'm exploring in a group.
  • Remove mail if I use the report spammer button. Shouldn't have to click three buttons to get rid of junk mail. While your at it, add report spammer button to website mail system as well.

- Long Term -
  • More ships both federation and klingon
  • More playable factions
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02-12-2010, 10:01 PM
complete auto-fire for cannons (at least)
In-game macro system
Access to "efficient" officers for Klingons

More meaningful PvP; e.g., the RvR area hold system in WAR
PvP ranking system, statistics
More options for customizing targeting

Romulan player faction
Revise and improve skill trees
More creative/weird/unique encounters for that Trek feel
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02-12-2010, 10:23 PM
Short term request

Clear out the entry areas during Fleet actions, enemy contacts, etc. So that you dont get GANKED by Pplayers or NPCs the second you enter a map (Space combat expecially)

Mid term requests

Give the missions a pass so I dont get crap like just happened to me right before the server crash tonight. Spend 20 minutes doing a ground combat mission to get to the end and get my ASS handed to me for a half hour staight by 1 captain that was way more powerful then anything else on the map. The captain or whatever it was in this mission was 4 bars and everything else was 1 to 3 bars. The whole mission I wasnt even close to getting incapacitated, the captain by himself, took my whole team out 5 times straight in under 30 seconds each time. I would have called a GM on this, but guess what. SERVER CRASH.

Long term

Do something about the leveling up for tier 1 and tier 2. It takes WAY too long to get to LT commander. I've thought about playing a tactical officer instead of science, but 10 levels is just way too much time to be spending in that low end Tier 0 ship.
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02-12-2010, 10:26 PM
Short Term
- Remove three quarters of the NPCs that are somehow related to know Star Trek canon characters. It's annoying already. One or two is fine, but not EVERY SINGLE NPC I MEET!
- Give me Task Force Controls when I'm the team leader in space. I need to mark targets and give orders to the other ships. Every other MMO has "marking cookies." We need the same kind of thing in a Star Trekkie way.
- Fix the exchange. It sucks. You know it.

- Implement the Bridge Officer voices. They need to talk. Interaction with your subordinates is part and parcel of Star Trek, and I want a hearty "Aye, Aye, sir," when I give them an order!
- Give me a reason to be needed in a group. No one needs me now and I can solo everything. This game really isn't an MMO until we see something like "need ENG/SCI tier 4+ for XXXX mission, must have XXXX skill."
- Interior ship missions. Come on. Where are they?
- Nazis. There must be Nazis in all things related to Star Trek. Where are the Nazis?

- More diverse missions. Re-write the existing low level poo into something along the lines of the much better Commander and above missions.
- Housing of some sort.
- Real, system and space control affecting PvP. I hate PvP. Give me a reason to like it and want to do it.
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# 469 My wishes
02-12-2010, 10:32 PM
Short Term:
I can't stand when I use 2 mouse button movement and then try to use A or D and it stops the turn when I let go of the mouse...even though Im pushing down the A or D...its like it doesn't I always have to reclick the key.

When a ship fires a plasma torpedo at me, I usually ESC the target and spam target my phasers so I dont get hit by it...sometimes I instantly targets it and fires...others It continues to hit the mob. Even when I target the plasma torp, I still sometimes will continue firing on the origonal ship that fired the plasma.

3 banks of hotkeys breaks the cant see the BOs and their abilities...even if you move the HUD

Medium term:
Put quest rewards within the dialogue. Only way I can see what I'm going to get from it is when I first get the quest. Also, ensure that if you include dialogue when first getting the quest on where it is located, make sure thats in the actual quest.

If you're going to let me continue one of the explorations quests...put what sector its from. Nothing more frustrating than having a quest in your log with extremely vague directions on where to go.

Put something in the game so that if one of your away team members gets stuck and is lagging behind...that they pop up with you. Its dumb to have to run back to "unstick" them.

Long term:
Make the information behind abilities more robust and understandable. All the sensors, emmitters, deflectors...I still don't have a clue what they all do.
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02-12-2010, 10:44 PM
Short term requests-

--> Disallow any kits, abilities, etc from starbases and memory alpha. Have had the joy of standing behind someone's shields kit while in star bases and having to wait for them to wear off before I can move from one room to the next.

--> Make it so we can complete the "salvage relationships in the neutral zone" mission.

Medium term requests

--> Make long-distance travel single click. I would be really nice to be able to go from Starbase 39 to K7 or from DS9 to Sol with one click instead of having to click off on each sector block.

--> Consider letting some other iconic star trek ships make appearances, for example the Excelsior class ship.

Longer term requests

--> Deinstance missions, on longer missions I've seen a load screen to start it, a load screen to beam down to the planet, a load screen to beam back up, a load screen to move to another system, another load screen to enter that system, another to beam down, another to beam up, etc...

--> Add content that allows players to make some decisions on how to complete a mission. Some of the most fun missions have been ones where there were choices to make, even little ones. For example in the early game there was a mission where you had to scan a device in space and it gave you the option of jumping from asteroid to asteroid and masking your approach or going straight at the enemy and blasting your way though. Was a small decision, but made the mission more interesting.

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