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# 1 Speak up for game balance!
02-12-2010, 10:39 PM
Cryptic tries to listen to their customers, but that can have very bad consequences for the community if people don't speak up about what they want.

A lot of people who play MMOs live by this philosophy: "Whatever works best is what I like best." These are people where if you show them two weapons and one does flat out more damage than the other they wouldn't say "This needs to be balanced out so you can use both", they would say "Don't change it, just don't use the bad one"

While everyone is entitled to their own oppinions, this kind of attitude is of course a real problem when it begins to determine a games evolution. Many people think that way, but they aren't out to make anything better, they use unbalanced systems to their advantage, so they want them to remain unbalanced.

Of course not everyone agrees on everything, and they shouldn't. Everyone has a different play experience, everyone sees different problems, and everyone wants to see different stuff fixed, however, I think everyone who sees weaknesses in the design must support each other in saying: We do not want an attitude of "put up or shut up" to ruin any chance to have our voices heard.

So, if you believe that you should not be placed at a disadvantage for using something you like...
If you believe that variety is the spice of life, and games should offer as many valid choices as possible...
If you feel that customization should be more than just skin deep...
If you want to pick your play style based on preference and not based on what works the best...
If you think that a fair chance to compete belongs to everyone...

Let Cryptic know.

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