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# 1 My gripes with STO
02-12-2010, 10:02 PM
here are my gripes with the game as of now.

cant sort by item name, cant sort by price, cant see max number/pages of items.

items that stack (ie research stuff) dont have a unit price listed.

cant hide items i cannot afford, would be nice option here. or allow me to sort by price.

cant have items listed by the Mk level. ie looking for LC Mk IV items, only way is to hope the catagory isnt messed up and type in mk IV. The sort by rank could have the different Mk's listed, ie LC MK III, LC MK IV.

It would be nice to have sub catagories for each catagory. I hate to mention it. but EVE has a great item browser. you can browse the catagories and sub-catagories till you see items that are specific to that option.

another option would be to change the search method. as much as i hated the search system in **** (which was the same as Rappelz), it really is very easy once you know how it works. **** forces you to type in the Capital letter followed by the first lower case letter. if the item has more then one word, you can type in 5 characters to search for that item.

example would be Super Awsome Weapon Mk VIII. You would type in Su Aw VIII to get all listings with Su AW VIII in them. Now this system wasnt specific with what you typed first. if you typed in AW Su VIII you'd get the same list. confusion would start with this system but the help popup could explain it, as the help ALWAYS pops up.

Cant have Buy orders in the exchange either.

I have to wait 5 seconds to get a 2nd page to view. and i dont even know how many total pages there are. at least till i hit the late one. then i can see 32 of 432 items.

Exchange Searches:
Seems i cannot alt click an item to paste the name in the search box from my inventory. This would make searching for a 2nd/3rd item so much better. I should beable to do the same thing for items pasted in chat.

Item clickies:
Seems i cannot link items that are in my mission reward selection unless i complete the mission and accept the specific item. nor can i link items in the item upgrade (ie crafting) window either. Im not even sure i can link items from the Exchange.

Cant control click mission to link the mission to other people.
when in a group i cannot see who else has missions i have.
I cannot see mission rewards after i've accepted the mission.

cant deposit credits of any type. cant view credits of any type. cant view how many badges you have if you have any. Why call it a bank if you cannot do 'banking stuff'? seems i can view badges/credits on my character window in the progress tab.

items cant be r-clicked into the bank, and would be nice to have the new item stack with an item already in the bank.

Bank should be renamed to Storage. And why do i have to access an item in a starbase to view it. Seems to me I would keep the stuff on my ships. I need something, hold on, let me check my storage...

why cant i view the items i deposited in my 'bank' while in space. seems my ship replicator could 'move' the items from the bank to my ship and vice-versa.

put a bank on my ships bridge, along with an exchange and mail box.

Fleet Bank:
Deposit log is only limited to 20 entries. seems it would be much more. with items limited in stacking, 20 entries is easy to fill. plus with the 250 fleet character limit it's very easy to get 20 entries to fill.

the game is set in the year 2409, yet items only stack to 5 for consumables, and 50 for research. Really!? My Mk IV weapon is the same size as 5 Medium Hypo's. Same size as 50 Alien Artifacts. Increase research items to 1k, consumables to 50. if you have to force the Bridge Officer and my 'belt' to stacks of 5 then do so. But in my inventory it should be 50, at least.

i currently get 1 front and aft weapon to auto-fire. that seems odd. i dont recall any captain of any ship screaming to the tactical officer to keep fireing a weapon (continuously), why do i have to keep pressing a button to get the same effect. You may argue that it wouldnt be fun to have all weapons auto fire. well Eve does it. and it works fine. it's not fun getting carpal tunnel syndrome cause i have to jack hammer my keyboard to get a weapon to repeat fire because they should be auto-firing.

why do torps have the same range limit as beams? seems to me the torps would travel nearly any range to hit a target.

Why do i have to speak to a person to switch ships? why cant i decide to beam to which ever ship i own while at Sol? click beam to ship. ok this is your 'default' ship here ya go. oh you want another ship. ok, control click. then you can select.

Officer Training NPC:
I would like to see this have catagories - space and ground. then inside these two, sorted by engineering, science and tactical.

Gold Farmers:
This isnt the first MMO Cryptic has put out. Why am i getting as much spam as i am about STOGOLD. I mean really!? Yes, i can /anon or friends and fleet myself. the point of an MMO isnt to hide from others.

Ground Movement:
Why do so i 'stall' out when i 'bump' into someone. yet i can run through an engineering auto-cannon. Seems to me the ground movement was put in at the last moment.

i can't remember a time where i've recieved a mail and the ui/game told me.

Can you put the drop down list near the mini-map on its own row with icons. then you could have the mail 'icon' flash for a few minutes to alert us that we have mail.

I'm sure there may be others. but I'm not that far in the game right now.

do note that any keyboard or mouse actions are not specific. any keyboard/mouse action should be an option for the specific action.

remember these points are my opinion.
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# 2
02-12-2010, 10:39 PM
i can't remember a time where i've recieved a mail and the ui/game told me.

Can you put the drop down list near the mini-map on its own row with icons. then you could have the mail 'icon' flash for a few minutes to alert us that we have mail.
How about an address book? I HATE having to retype an alt's name + the @name for each message I send, again could be done with a drop-down option.
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# 3
02-12-2010, 10:44 PM
Oh, and one of my own...

These forums:

Can't you make the message topics thread correctly? You'll get the first page of posts and there will be 2-3-4 separate instances of the same message, just a later reply.

Make it where you see one post, and the pages after the name like it is, but clear up all these cloned posts, it's pushing valuable information off some of the first pages and if you're lazy (like me) you may miss something worth reading.

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