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evening all

as the title says im looking for a Cider drinking UK based fleeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Arthur Dent @ WinDow LicKer
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02-13-2010, 02:21 AM

I think the Light Knights could be worth you checking out.

We're a casual EU/NA gaming community who focus on having fun whilst we game yet we are dedicated to achieving success at end game (PvE/PvP).

We actively drink Cider, Beer, Rum, Wine, Whiskey et al whilst talking b*ll*x on TS. I'm even known to burst out into song after a few too many cans of Carlsberg Export

I wont bore you with a wall of text but please feel free to check out our info thread here on the official forum:

and/or our portal/forum directly:

/cheers and good luck


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