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Since the IG chat is random and seemingly kept to newb chatter, all the real conversation in STO must be on vent or other voice chat. Since it looks like fleets often have their own channels, I'd like to get into one for more interactive gameplay.

I am a lifer, but not a hardcore gamer. Been a fan of Star Trek since I was born. Since I am as old as Star Trek, you can do the math in that regard At any rate, I prefer grown-up conversation, though I am not averse to playing with mature kids. Mature means: sense of fun and adventure, with no whining or begging. I've tried to help kids in the past, but if they got too clingy in the game they ended up on the ignore list.

I would prefer a liberated Borg fleet, but I'm really just looking for a good fit. Please send me a forum mail to let me know who to contact. Thanks.

Commander HEX223, USS Agamemnon

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