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# 1 Scramble Sensors Bug?
02-13-2010, 10:24 AM
I know this is maybe my lack of knowledge on it's intricate uses, but was in a match earlier where I was getting shot at alot (go figure ) in my carrier. Obviously a good counter to carriers with the plethora of little drones they can summon (until they fix) is to use scramble sensors.

However, I've played with scramble sensors before....and I've never had it do this...

I was specifically targeting myself (using F1) then clicking science team. (I have target fowarding off too)

I would watch my science team go on cooldown but no heal. (And no it wasn't subnucleonic beam on me, I know the difference).

I've had scramble sensors on me before, but I did this multiple times. Where I specifically would target myself and it wouldn't heal me. I've occasionally ended up healing an enemy in the past, which is why I turned off target fowarding.

Anyone got any further info on this?

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