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A few hours ago I went to pick up my 2nd purple ship weapon from the daily exploration mission. I equipped it, and sold the old (green polaran one) to my Replicator. When I left the Borg system I am 10000000% positive that the weapon was still on my ship because I was literally looking at the fire icon on the bottom of my GUI.

Once I got back to Earth Space Dock I was looking at my ship's inventory and noticed that my old green crummy weapon was back. I thought at first it was lag so tried throwing it around a bit... to no avail. Then I relogged, still didn't fix it. After checking the bug database, it seems that there is a nasty bug around that can actually revert new items to prior items you had in that slot. Yes you've read it right, there's actually a bug like that and even tho this is the first time I've had it, it seems that there are a lot of people that already lost items due to that.

My question... no concern is this: Will we get our items back or will the GMs do what they do best and just ignore the issue? Like I mentioned, the item I lost was an epic Dual Antiproton Beam Bank from the Fleet in Borg space so it isn't yet another crappy green lost or anything like that.

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