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02-13-2010, 07:08 PM
To the OP, you are correct. We have been telling them all along that they couldnt have one faction so horribly under developed like this at launch. Not just during beta, but long before beta began. Wether you expect a quality PvE game or a quality PvP game from the Klingon faction, Cryptic just didn't listen to us. Even today, I am amazed that they arent working like crazy to overhaul the sad state of the Klingon faction. They are still just working on Federation content.

Just look at the last big patch. They added borg content. Fed side got a handful of new PvE content, including a whole new star cluster, while klingons just got access to yet another nebula. Which, as usual, is just a cut and paste of the previous nebulas, but with new 'borg' wallpaper. Right down to the disabled ship at the spawn point, leaking a green cloud. It really feels like we have sunk to a new low. Did they expect us to celebrate this 'new' content?

I know the rumor is that they are currently working on the klingon faction, but we dont know when we will see any of those improvements. It could be in the next few weeks, or it could be MONTHS after we all quit from boredom. I am honestly surprised they STILL haven't gotten that T2 battlecruiser patched into the game yet, and it was glaringly obvious that we needed that over a month ago. I remember asking for a T2 battelcruiser myself back in December, when we first saw how screwed up the klingon faction was.

I have been enjoying the game for what it is, but I for one really need to see progress being made here. Empty rumors and hints of Klingon development is not good enough.

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