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Lt. Commander
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I'm having trouble with one of my officers skills.

I'm a Lieutenant Commander 6, Engineer, flying a cruiser.
My tactical bridge officer is a Lieutenant, at an Ensign's station. My tactical officer has these space abilities:

Torpedo: High Yield I (5 points)
Beam: Fire At Will II (9 Points)

A couple of days ago, my "fire at will" ability was working wonderfully. Now, after the last patch, it has stopped working. My question is this:

A - Is this a new bug, and will it start working again? ... OR
B - Is it possibly something I'm overlooking and not configuring properly? ... OR
C - Was the last patch a "fix"? Since my BO is a Lt at an Ensign's station, was I supposed to even have that ability to begin with?

Thanks for any info/advice you guys might have.

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