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As i have been playing a very short time, I dont want it to seem presumtuous that i know enough to say anything of Dire importance. But i am making this thread to note some very disturbing things that i see for the future of (or lack thereof) pvp in STO.

Issue #1

I konw its been mentiond a lot by people in game and a few threads also exist on it already, but the klingon content. what content ? it seems as though the klingon gameplay option, cause thats really what it is an option, is not in any way pivotol to the game at all. you could just play fed and not even relize that there is another side(player wize that it) and have loads of fun in massive amount of story and gameplay content for the federation. the klingons need more than love, they need to be added into the game actually. we should be able to invade federation space and have alternate opposing missions that can involve both ground and space pvp. like wize feds should be able to engage the enemy as well and delve into klingon terretory.

that brings to issue # 2

the scenarios. theres like what 7 - 8 total ? most of wich have 2 versions large and small. its like . i want to pvp and i can either go to salvage yard or cracked planet for space. the mine one give no rewards, useless waist of time. and the other 2 have become redundant after only a few days of play. =( cmon folks, this is an elaborate and rich fantasy universe with endless possibilitys, and we get one nordenwatch, one frag fest and a broken rescue mission. the ground ones arent even worth mentioning cause its like there in for shyts and giggles. they can be fun.. but theres really no objectives in those at all its like run out fight die respawn run out fight die respawn.

and finally issue # 3 and its really twofold.

why in GODS name dont i get SP when i kill a player =/ . and to top things off these sc's can last up to 45 min sometimes with absolutly no reward other than a handfull of sp and some medals at the end.. it makes me sad to think about it.. heres a suggestion, Put a time limit on these dam sc's and give us sp and medals for kills in pvp.

thats all.

I have spoken my peace.

If you feel my pain write a good response, maybe they will here us.

thank you


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