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Anyone sick of hearing both sides of the argument?

First off, it's not overpowered. Does it have issues? Yes it does. PvP is a mess atm, and the sooner Feds and Klings realize the real issue, the faster PvP can get on track, cause atm, PvP is dying and taking the Klings down with it.

First off, cloak is a crutch. It gives unorganized teams a chance, and makes organized teams scary. When the Klings go down to the fedball, cloak allows them to organize, w/o being picked off. As long as feds stay in formation, they are deadly. But if that formation breaks down, the feds have little chance of recovering unless they're very organized and form up elsewhere. Otherwise they're caught and hunted down, and can't recover.

That's the real issue with cloak. If the Klings are proactive enough to hit the feds again before they form up, the score becomes very lopsided. Many times it boils down to whether the feds can keep it together long enough so the main body of Klingons are busy with the formation for respawners to get back into the fight.

The fedball is a crutch. For the same reasons. But one begets the other, and cloak is the reason the fedball exists. You can't leave a defensive formation when you don't know where the attack is coming from. Science ships can help establish a perimeter, but they can't actively search. Because gettin too far away from your support will kill you. That makes science ships predictable, and easy to avoid. Reverse Shield polarity, which can only be used once for sci ships, can't last long enough for the fed cruisers to get to you if you stray too far.

Feds are tied down to the cruisers, cause the cruisers can't turn, or move anywhere fast. Klings are just learning this with the carriers. They're even worse, and find themselves outta the fight too often if it moves elsewhere. So now the Klingons are tied down to something. This would balance things out, but carriers aren't the backbone of the fleet. The cruisers are. And they're still cloaked. A lot of Klings are finding the carrier a novelty, and are going back to their cruisers/BoPs/Raptors, cause the advantage is too big to give up.

Right now, cloak detection sucks. I've heard stories of 10-20k detections, but I want to see this for myself. Until then, it's myth to me. So sci ships, make some tutorial. Make a video. Take a freaking screen shot. I refuse to believe that science ships gettin these kind of detection ranges aren't bragging it up on the forums somewhere with proof.

As a side note, another problem with PvP is the playing options. Three kinds of modes,one of which is never played and a capture map which has little leveling benefit? If you wanna advertise PvP leveling, make it worth it. Cause deathmatch is partly the reason things seem "unbalance." Klings can always dictate the fight in deathmatch. No reason to uncloak unless you're shooting something.

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