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The two species I get annoyed most over, not being able to edit as I like, are Vulcans and Andorians.
In the case of Vulcan Bridge Officers I would like to be able to pick any of the three pointed ear alternatives when I edit them. But I can't because you have limited that. In the case of the Andorians, they all come with the god awful TOS antennae. I want to change those to the better looking ones from Enterprise. But I can't because you have limited that.

Although, when I create a playable character in any of those species, then I can change those things. Where is the logic in that?

As for their skin colours. There is no Vulcan green skins possible to pick in the game. They are either Orion green or pink. Please fix that. The same goes for Andorians. The paler version look too pink. Nor forgetting that it is impossible to make Aenars because there is no white colour, as the white colour in fact when you pick it is, yes you guessed it, pink. All the colours are too pink.

Sure there might be some reasoning behind this like that all the actors were pink skinned and therefore it should shine through. No, not all actors had pink skin as they were from all parts of the world. And the make-up used were opaque except for places like the part of the eye-lid closest to the eye-ball, inside part of the cheeks, gums, tongue. Other then that they did a pretty good job in covering them in opaque paint. Something that is more difficult to do on a human then a computer generated 3D model.


As for the clothes, it has been said before and I think it needs to be repeated.

The clothes colours doesn't match. There is no real black as it should. The materials of the uniform should be possible to change. If I want one of the new Cryptic designs but in wool instead of leather I should be able to. If I want a First Contact uniform but in leather I should be able to get that. Or if I want to put a TNG pair of trousers with the Cryptic design I should be able to have the same material on both. The same goes for all the uniforms and options there of. If I want a TOS shirt and TNG pants I should be able to mix those as well without getting colour mismatch even though I pick the same colours from the palette.

Also for the Klingon side I want more clothing options. You already have them in the game, but why aren't they available in the character creator? I would also like to be able to remove that neck plate you're forcing my Orion to wear. My Klingon Bridge Officers can remove it. So why shouldn't my character?

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