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# 1 The Mythical Fedball
02-14-2010, 07:27 AM
What is the "fedball", exactly?

I see the term used a lot, but haven't ever seen a definition. The only one I've ever seen said something about people with healing skills and being placed in a certain position to do... something that was clearly overpowered and maybe had something to do with a ball, and the federation.

I've also never seen anything remotely close to what he described in any pvp match... ever. On either side. I'm Commander 4, so maybe it's something that only happens at captain+; I dunno. For as much as people ***** about it, and based on the half-assed "definition" I read, I assumed it was a common problem at all tiers. Mentally-handicapped klingon officers that take 10 minutes to plan an attack from cloak certainly are.

Unless "fedball" means "travelling as a group", which is equally effective for both sides. Really, it's probably better for klingons because focused dual cannon fire will kill any ship immediately, regardless of BO skills, and then the fed side is at a severe disadvantage for the rest of the fight (unless the short respawn timer just lets them come back olol ).

Maybe the complaint is just that complete lack of teamwork goes better for the feds than the klingons. Wooo

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