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# 1 My Rant
02-14-2010, 07:41 AM
When I played in the end of open beta I had the good fortune to be part of the event at the end to invade federation space. To me that was the funnest part of the game. Now that the game has gone live I do the instanced pvp matches and house battles and rarely the pve missions (all 2 of them at my current level T2 almost 3). But nothing to me was more fun than sneaking into a federation zone and hunting my enemies and listening to the hate tells as they died under my cannons and torps.

Whenever I get into an instanced pvp match it always says let the wargames begin. I don't mind its a wargame, I want the whole damn war. I want to be able to invade Sol or any federation space and attack my enemies without mercy. I want to be able to interdict feds as they are going out to explore strange new worlds and new civilazations. And blow theyre flower picking dandelion sniffing why cant we all just get along asses into the next universe.

In the gather resourses map where you face the borg and have to get 8 readings and then destroy 4 repair hubs its always 6-9 feds vs me and maybe 1 other hapless klingon. I got 7 of 8 readings and destroyed 3/4 of the repair stations yet the feds won. This enrages me cause I did all the work andthe fedsgot the credit when all they didwas attack a few probes blow up a few cubes and pat themselves on the back. After it reset as soon as the feds see a klingon ship they open fire at the spawn point and blow me away. So instead of doing the mission over and being a good little patsy, I team up with the borg and hunt down those evil feds who had the audacity to attack me at the start. I dont care if the borg kill me I want fed blood running of my ships sides like jelly off a fat mans face in an all you can eat donut shop. ( I know the missions broke so I made up my own little minimission).

To you people who are playing this Fed side for the pve content grats, chances are you will never see me or others like me who play for the pvp. You can fly on blissfully unaware that theres a core group of people who would dearly love to blow you out of the sky just to bottle your tears of rage.

Unrestricted warfare, any time, anywhere. Unleash us so that we can fight our enemies as we want. We have no content to speak of and it would make the game a lot more fun for all.

/end rant
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# 2
02-14-2010, 08:05 AM
As a fed I have to say no way. Many of us just want to play PvE and be left alone.

As a Klingon I say YEAH!

So I'm kinda torn I'd like to have the opportunity to expand what I can do as a Klingon, as at T2 it seems as though there isn't much to do (though what there is I still find fun ). The question is, how do you expand it for the Klingons but not force the PvP gameplay on the feds? I'd hate to be doing a fed mission to have a bunch of Klingons come and roll me over.
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# 3 BOP vs BOP??????
02-14-2010, 08:10 AM
What I want to know is WHY. every time I log my BOP into the Borg instance, I get blasted by the other KLINGON vessels!!! Yhea, I may be new to the nuances of the PvP, but damn it, if it is PvP, should the Kingon vessels be blasting the Feds? WTF??

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