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02-14-2010, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by deuZige View Post
I've just gotten my Collectors edition (thanks for the delay!)
And now i'm redeeming my key... guess what:
It doesn't work. It keeps asking me for a payement method. I'll decide in 30 days if there is going to be a payment method. I've got 30 days FREE! I've allready payed. Whats up with this?

Come on Crypyic! Are you absolutely determined to chase me away or what?

I got a closed beta key i've been able to use 1 hour before the close of the closed beta. Got a headstart key i've been able to use one hour before the release. then, since the 8th i've not been able to play because the CE wasn't here yet.

Now this crud?

I feel robbed!
I read through most of the thread and I can see some people already mentioned that the box states that a subscription is required (something you should always read before opening the box to obtain the retail key... even in a situation like this where your account was already created and the game already installed.)

In addition to the box, the TOS (terms of service) state that a subscription is required, and subscriptions have been common in MMO's since the late 1990's.

Also, the main web page, and the launcher, have both had blurbs on them talking about a lifetime subscription to the game.

I know it sucks to not find the support you hoped to find. That is what we all want when we feel wronged and admitting that something is partially our own fault is tough. But that is life. If you read the box, the TOS (which you agreed to), the forums, the launcher, or the web site you would have seen mention of a subscription being required.

What else can Cryptic do?

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