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# 1 Klingon Dishonor System
02-14-2010, 12:03 PM
Klingons supposed to be an honorable race, but yet the growing list of players I'm seeing in STO are becoming anything but Honorable. For instance:

PvEvP: Players taking advantage of other players as they are already engaged in PvE combat, far from being honorable. In fact, there is even a STO Federation PvE moment where Klingons look highly upon aiding or being aided by a foe, against a greater foe.

Trash talking: I know Klingons like to trash talk, but some things being said in zone chat is getting to the point even Klingons would say, "Woah".

Feel free to add to this list.

So why not implement a Dishonor system that punishes these players from making this game become another WoW, where the mouth rules more than the sword?

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