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# 1 Looking For a Fleet!
02-14-2010, 09:04 AM
Hi guys!!

Im pretty new to this, been playing for a few days and have heard alot about fleets!

Age - 17
Location - Scotland
Skype - jason.j.hagger
Race - Human

Details of fleet want to join:
Location - Could be and only British or a world wide. Not Fussed!
Traits - Friendly, outgoing members. Ok to give help.
Website - YES! (Not fussed if you don't, just think it will be cool)

Need a fleet guys!!!
If you need any more info??
Just ask
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# 2
02-14-2010, 09:19 AM
Are you into roleplaying at all?

The 1st Tactical Wing is a roleplaying fleet, so if you want to have fun rping with us, you are welcomed to join ^.^

Ingame name: Rorako@Rorako

Our site is still under construction. Torn between using Guild Portal or just Yuku forums.
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# 3
02-14-2010, 09:24 AM
Come and check out Aurora Fleet.
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# 4
02-14-2010, 10:32 AM
hello and welcome to the sto forums. we at the 4th fleet are mature, friendly, and active. we are a great community that will not put up with any drama, we require you to use ventrilo to communicate. its an easy download. if you would like to join a great fleet apply at you can read our history, structure, and what is expected from our members at
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# 5
02-14-2010, 10:45 AM
Welcome to the forums!

Red Squadrons would seem to fit your criteria well, we do have a laugh (even if sometimes its over something silly ^^) we do support players wanting end game PvP and PvE and RP, and with 11 years of experience, I think we're a pretty bonded fleet

We are a military styled fleet, with the Red Squadrons Taskforce serving as our Federation Fleet and the Red Squadrons Battlefleet serving for our Klingon players! And if you want to play in both, your more than welcome (we do encourage it to develop PvP tactics .

We're pretty well known around the Trek gaming community and know a lot of cool fleets whom we have a laugh with pretty often!

Check us out on

Good Luck finding what your looking for!
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# 6
02-14-2010, 10:51 AM
hey haggert, come check us out, you will absolutely enjoy us.
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# 7
02-14-2010, 11:54 AM
Update on my post:

Forgot to mention that i am normally only on at the weekend!!!
Sorry if this is a problem to most fleets, however, at the moment i have a really bad internet connection in the evening and i am working throughout the day during the week.
Soon i hope to change my internet provider and be on more frequently (All depends on how my petition to get fiber optics layed in my village)

If any of you guys are still interested in recruiting, let me know
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# 8
02-14-2010, 12:02 PM
I would like to formally invite you to become an Officer in the United Britannian Fleet (UBF). As an Officer in the UBF you will gain many new friends and a support base to help you in game and out of game. Also, if you pick the Command role, you can go up the Chain of Command (CoC) and lead your Officers in a Division in the UBF. The UBF is in need of great people to join in one of the Divisions in the fleet. We have Division which include Judge advocate general (JAG), Fleet Personnel with Fleet Academy, Fleet Intelligence Agency (FIA), Fleet Exploration Diplomacy, Fleet Science Medical, Fleet Engineering Corps, Fleet Logistics, and Britannian Armada, with Military Assault Command Operations (MACO's). All of the Admirals are looking for people to take the posts in the Division.

If you choose the UBF as your fleet to join, you will have all the benefits from the other officers in the fleet. This includes new ships/repairs, technology for your ship and character, combat/ backup from Britannian Armada is space and MACO’s on the ground and you will have access to the Fleet Bank when you need it for RL issues. The UBF will have your back in all areas you will need.

More information about the UBF, we are a laid back organized fleet that are: PVE, PVP, FPS, Strats, and RPG that loves Gaming and Star Trek. The UBF has over 80+ Officer in all ages from 15 to 50 from all over the world. That includes USA, UK, Canada and Mexico. The UBF is a very mature fleet so; we can handle any age and any location you are at. The UBF is a part of the League of Fleet (LoF), which is an organization with Fleets helping Fleet.

I am Fleet Admiral Merlin Cole, Commanding Officer and the Founder of the United Britannian Fleet (UBF). I have been a gamer for over 11 years and a Star Trek Fan for over 15 years and have been waiting for this game or this type of game for over 8 years. So, I know how to lead and have fun, I am respected by all of my Officers and I am respectful to everyone of my Officers from the top to the bottom. I do not have a military back ground but I do have a Military Advisor(s) in the UBF. That gives me advisee on stuff I do not know.

When you are ready to take part in a great Fleet, look into and join the United Britannan Fleet (UBF). Here is information on how to contact us!!!!

STO Thread:
Fleet Website:
TeamSpeak 3 Download link


Merlin Cole, Fleet Admiral
Founder and Commanding Officer
United Britannian Fleet
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# 9
02-14-2010, 12:29 PM
Weekends are not a problem, real life comes first in Aurora.

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