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02-14-2010, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Underwear
Just canceled my subcription, I feel so much better now

So, iv gotten to Captin. And let me tell you, my keyboard has sufferd the price. Apparently Cryptic/Atari wants its custumers to buy the game - start spamming space - log off - log on - spam space some more...

Away missions : Game breaker for me.

Down time : What you wuld expect of a seccond rate mmo (But this is not an mmo, its an MSO : Massively Singleplayer Offline)

Episodes : Repeatable, monotome, boring, pointless.

Getting kicked -> wating in que -> to get kicked again : Just wonderfull

Skill tree : What who where? what does the skill actualy DO? bad decription.

Complete lack of Endgame : theres no carotte at the end, so why endure a lag / bug / DC filled game?
(PS: i know they are working on Raidasodes, but come on, We all know how cyptic does stuff : half hearted)

Space Combat : only part of the game i like, if it were not for the constant spamming of the space key... stupid
(PS: i know you can get keyboards and macro programs to do that, wich raises the question: Does cryptic expect us to use 3'rd party programs just to make this "game" bearable)

SO, Cryptic, its all up to you now, can you convince me to re-signup ?

If you take one thing away frome this post, let it be this : Cryptic = bad, but Atari owns cryptic : Atari = Uber bad ^^ all im saying is, Atari is hidint behind cryptic, dont forget that they are just as much, if not more at fault for this buggy game release

Cant wate to see what the fanboys have to say ^^ gotta love those ****s

First, I'm not a fan-boy. I have complained as much as anyone else.

But DUDE, come on! you think Cryptic is going to give a rat's ass to a rant from someone who doesn't even care to SPELL? BTW AVP is launching a new MMO, don't let the door hit ya...
Lt. Commander
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02-14-2010, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by Seliak View Post
Glade you feel better I guess , you should have done it after you reach Commander just think of it, you could have been feeling better a week ago .

I am still having fun , different stroke and all that ...............
heh, good one

Looking at what you wrote. I think you need to go back to school.
Well, T-Lani. i am werry happy that you had some feedback, oh no you didnt.
Well im happy you had something on your heart to contribute to this discussion, oh, wate, you didnt.
I pitty you...

Was only in a queue once.
Desdecardo, i am also wondering if we are playing the same game. maby you live in the US?

well, i have clocked more then 10 hours of waiting in que in this game (atleast), if you take into account my total play time, wich is about 30 hours. 33% of my time in sto has bin spent in ques.
Maby you have only had to wate in que once, but i keep getting kicked out of loading screens and away missions only to get the middle finger of "QUE YOU" stuck in my face.

There is some end game content right now. Im doing it. Since you never bothered to get to Admiral you wont find out.
All i know about Endgame is frome what i have read on the forums, so yes, i do assume some things in my post.
BUT; as you know so much about sto endgame. Culd you please enlighten me ?
Tell me about the 10 man raids, No ? 25 man, no ? 40 man, no ? annything above 6, No? Well then how is this an MMO ? How ? Half hearted, all the way.

Hehe, thats the best youve got ?
i pitty you...

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