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# 1 Looking for Fleet/Linkshell
02-14-2010, 07:26 AM
I was wondering if there are any multi-MMO fleets out there that also played Final Fantasy XI, the reason being I played that for six years and will be moving to Final Fantasy XIV when it launches later this year. I don't currently play Final Fantasy XI.

That aside, I'm looking for a fleet that meets these criteria:
  • Must be both social and endgame
  • Must be active in the evenings in a USA time zone
  • Must not require vent
  • Prefer a minimum age requirement of at least 18+ but that's flexible (nothing against kids -- I have one on the way)
  • Leader must be able to find Sulu blindfolded. I'm talking pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey spin-you-around-until-you-puke blindfolded. Don't think I won't test you.
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# 2 The {UFP} Fleet
02-14-2010, 07:37 AM
Hey there Karl1982!! Best of luck in your search for a Fleet.

In your research be sure to check out the {UFP}. We're a Star Trek only gaming community that has been in operation now for seven years. Although we do not support other gaming titles like you are looking for, we do support you to go play in other clans. All we ask is the the {UFP} be the only Star Trek gaming community you belong to.

To find out more about us, just use the link in my sig. Then use the tabs on the left of the main page to find out everything you would like about us. If you have any questions about us just PM me here or on the {UFP} site. I'll help in any way I can. If you do sign up with us please tell them AlanShepard sent you!!*

So again good luck in your search & in game.
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# 3
02-14-2010, 04:02 PM
Hi Karl! We do have vent, but do not require use of it. And we certinaly meet your other requirements!

The Sentinels are a multi-gaming community with an average age of 30+ and no drama!

We have an active membership in several different MMO's and are building our Starfleet Division here in STO. At this point we have about 40 active members in our fleet and are steadily growing. The overall guild has over 500 active members and we also maintain our own guild Ventrilo server. We look for quality over quantity, and have a very thorough application process. Its our goal to make sure you are as happy with us as we will be with you.

Our retention rate is very high as we promote more of a gaming community then a single game guild.

Feel free to check out our recruitment thread at or just follow the links in my signature to learn more about us.
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# 4
02-14-2010, 05:51 PM
Hey Karl,

Dark Enforcers right now is a small Fleet here in STO, around 25 members. We currently have around 700 or so members in CO and a few members in CoH also. We will be going to FFXIV, I played FFXI for a couple of years on the Carbuncle. Was thinking a few days ago of going ahead and making a Guild Site for FFXIV to start recruiting before it goes live! I will be buying a PS3 just for this game when it comes out, since my laptop wont be able to support it the way I want to see it.

We are active and social, and will get more active and social once we grow some more. We have been here on STO for a week now. No Vent is required, in fact I don't use it all nor do we currently have a vent server.

We are mature and structured and looking to do some events and contest here in the future. You can visit our site at this is just a temp game site. I am looking to going my own host here shortly to share with all Dark Enforcers for different games so we have a one stop portal.Although we are structured and wish to do as many events as possible, we will not dictate to others how to play a game they are paying for. So there is no mandated events.

If you have any questions you are more then welcome to pm me at klaatu@monzterjoe. If you do decide on another guild but wish get together and start something up for FFXIV in the coming months to get a headstart please let me know!
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# 5
02-14-2010, 06:21 PM
Sign up now to join the UBF Corps of Engineers!

Who are we and what do we do

We're the builders, thinkers and tinkers of this glorious fleet. We conceptualise, build and (most importantly) maintain fleet operations. The fleet needs new ships, retro-fits, repairs, new warp cores, or just more efficient power regulation See the engineers. Ground forces need mines laid or removed, or defences constructed See the engineers. Is your replicator serving you Klingon bloodwine instead of Tarkalean tea See the engineers!

Along with our fellow operations group friends, the Logistics Division (without whom we wouldn't even have the raw materials to keep everything in working order), we provide a solid backbone for day to day fleet life. Whether is be adjusting a dilithium matrix, building a space station, or providing vital support for the fleet on operations; we're your guys!

So sign up today for the UBF Corps of Engineers!

For further information please PM me!
Do both

Our other divisions are also recruiting!

Our age limit is 13, not e18. And congrats on your kid

As for the final requirement, i think he was practicing for that on Tuesday :p

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