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Tonight it struck me that in addition to my six active bridge officers, I have another five simply waiting for slots to open for my crew. And this is on my highest character who is currently LTC 10.

When I look at them, most seem to be almost clones of each other - sure, I might be able to find one whose skill I want to swap to one of my active officers, but the others are currently just dead weight.

I might be wierd, but I tend to think of my officers as actual characters, rather than just an extension of my own character. I haven't gone so far as to write biographies for them (yet), but in my head, each one of my officers has a distinct personality and role on my crew. No matter how hard I try, I simply can't see myself ever "firing" one of them. But I'm going to have to, because otherwise I will eventually run out of space for new officer candidates.

So, I have some thoughts I wanted to throw out and see how everyone else feels about this.

1. Do we really need to get a new bridge officer candidate every few levels? It seems a bit redundant. I might appreciate it more if I had a choice of several candidates each time the lady popped up in the comm window, so that I could choose who might best fit my crew (or who might best train my crew).

2. What if we occasionally lost officers to heroic/tragic events? I'm thinking of those "ship....out of danger?" moments that would happen every so often in the various series and the movies. Obviously, this sort of thing would be painful for the player, but in a roleplay sense it appeals to me to think that one of my officers might sacrifice themselves to save my ship and crew (and me!). Plus, in gameplay terms it would give us a reason to constantly have all these new candidates showing up.

3. I have to echo what people have been saying since beta - I'd like my officers to occasionally be the lead-in for some unique events. Like my andorian tactical officer is challenged to a Ushaan back on Andoria. Or my vulcan science officer goes through Pon'Far. Or my chief medical officer is abducted by unknown assailants and the rest of the crew has to rescue him.

4. I'd like to be able to designate a first officer, and have that officer get some sort of bonus ability or something because of the status. I just think it would be neat, and a good roleplay mechanism.

5. I would like to see missions where all of my army of bridge officers participate - not just the four that happen to be in my away team. For example, a mission map with multiple "take and hold" style objectives. When you reach a location and take it, you leave an officer there with a security team to hold the position (or repair it, or man that station, or etc.)

Anyway those are my thoughts. I guess the main thing is that I feel like the bridge officers are our Scotties, Spocks, Bones's, Uhuras, Chekhovs, and Sulus. They're the Rikers and Crushers and Datas and La Forges. I'd like to see them get the chance to really develop throughout the game as supporting characters, and be less like a commodity than they are now.

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