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It is official!! The legendary folks of the UK and beyond came through for Star Trek and for STO!

These folks are all my new personal heroes! Great job all looked incredible. It was good to see a few faces I had seen in vegas 08 when there to cover Cryptic announcing they had STO.

We ( , DJ SpaceCabbie) were broadcasting LIVE from the bridge and had brief interviews with Cryptic representatives, Guinness representatives and talks with people from the crowd. It was amazing.

Thank you to all those who were listening in and spreading the word as well!

See a pic of the Guinness Book of World records certificate for STO, NamcoBandai, Atari and Partners (Please DIGG the article!)


Please tune-in and help make the 'Voice of Star Trek Online'

**** "Apply and be that DJ!" SSR needs you! Seeking talk show hosts, in-character DJ's, DJ's!
*** Advertisers, sponsors etc:

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