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Hi @ all,

first i have to say that i didnt start playing the Game. Me and a Friend of mine will have exams till 1. of March, so if you can answer my questions, please explain the things from scratch. We want to play Fed if thats important

Second please excuse any language mistakes i make, i usually speak and write only German. so to the questions:

1. Im trying to figure out which class to play or rather which are the differences between the classes. I want to fly a Cruiser, thats for sure, so i think i will chase between an Engineer or a Tactical Officer. Right now i cant understand what are the differences in Space Combat between those two. All i understand is, that they have very different skills when talking about Ground skills but not in Space.
So where would be the difference in either one aside from the fact, that i cant use the highest skills on a BO at the Engineering Console when i am a Tac and i can if i am an Engi? I honestly couldnt figure out any other Thing.

2. is it possible and really necessary to Tank. Until now i read, that Tanks could be a Tac on ground and an Engi or Tac in a Cruiser in Space, but i also read, that there isnt really a need for a Tank at this time and there may be never an need. I dont want to choose a Class that would be a good Tank and skill for it, but then realize that i dont need it and i dont make any Damage just because i thought i would Tank. Thinking of that, should i Take the Trait "Aggressive" for more Threat? Or should i take something for more Damage?

3. What is the issue with Ground Combat? Everything i read in the Forums is about Space. I am fairly sure, that there is such Thing as Ground Combat ^^. Is it so easy, that it is not really important or could it be completely avoided? Nobody seems to care about important Skills for the ground.

4. Is there a Website which contains a Description of all the Skills one could get from Raising an Ability till 9th Grade? Some of them are clear but for example i dont have any idea what for Example an Aceton Field dose. I really want to know what kind of Abilities i unlock before i spend maybe 5400 Points in it.

I hope all the questions where understandable and it would be nice if some of them could be answered. Have a nice Day.
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02-14-2010, 01:55 PM
Click on the link below and read the thread caefully, you will find all of the answers you are looking for.
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02-14-2010, 01:59 PM
1) In space the difference vary little, they get some different skills for reaching certain rank milestones. But thats about where the line ends, personally I fly Tac Cruiser and it works well for me.

2) Tanking isn't really needed to much right now, difficulty seems to still be getting tweaked so maybe down the line. But since you can own a cruiser, escort, and science ship I would not worry about which is the first ship you choose. Personally I would say go with damage.

3) Ground combat like space got greatly easier during Open Beta, in fact its even easier then space combat. You really cannot avoid it though, just make sure you have someone to keep your shields and health up in your away team and your set.

4) this should help.
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02-15-2010, 04:26 AM
Thanks for the fast Replies, that sure helped.

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