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# 21 To the OP.....reality check.
02-15-2010, 05:23 AM
Many of your issues are valid. However, new content is coming out. Unfortuneately, there is no majic wand to all things at once and at the same time. that is in the "Bewitched" world (wiggle your nose and it's done) or a majic WoW spell to get it done. It is an evolving type entertainment media in an instant gratification world, there lies Cryptics challenge.

One has to allow time for Cryptic to get input AND an chance to respond.

I'm at Captain 6 Engineer and decided to level a Scientist to see how it might change the game play experience for me. This way, when the new content comes out, I'll have a couple different options to contribute to group pvp when it is develped further.

It's good input....and you do what you have to do to accept the reality of the situation.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 22
02-15-2010, 05:31 AM
I am loving the game when i get time to play it and i think thats the key to it's enjoyment, log on phew phew and log off GREAT game.

But i can see how 2 weeks none stop play would kill any game!!!!!!! so the answers is do something else between playing STO. Stop killing the game go have some sex or something!!! hit a ball against the wall and every tenth catch it pretend that the you have gone up a level..... dame!!! (only managed to level 3)

What ever happened to enjoying the game for what it is seriously find something non computer based to spend your time. I think there is a hole in your life, you will never fill its with games.(you yourself said you where addicted to WoW) (there is a Hugh difference between enjoying and consuming content)

STO yes is unfinished any many of the op points are valid, but this is just a game which hopefully will get better but its not Final Fantasy, Or WoW so do not play it like it is those games. ie it will never take there places as the only MMO you play its designed (my feelings) as a second, or third. Treat it that way, and i think every one will enjoy it more.

Cryptic are a company with several MMO's they what you to play both!!!

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