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Originally Posted by Rhysling
SWG died with the NGE. It had great small ship combat but STO is about huge ships with hundreds of people. Not one man fighters. Currently SWG is not worth playing.
True, but space was truly 3D and what does it matter small ships or Huge? I found plenty of gunboats in SWG, those were pretty big. And in Space, Size doesn't matter. People make fun of STO and walk away the minute you tell them there isn't 3D movement in space. When and where does STO have battles of hundreds of people in SPACE? I had many adventures in SWG that involved 20 or 30 people. I've yet to see more than 20 in STO. Many instances won't even let more than 5 people into them. I've never seen any instance in STO with more than 50. I think hundreds, even a hundred is way of.

Originally Posted by Rhysling
Tabula Rasa was garbage from the start. Hence why it doens't run anymore.
Ground combat was still better, and yet the game had serious issues. I have to agree the fact it's closed should remove it from the list. I mentioned it only because ground combat was superior to ground combat in STO and it did survive for a year. I was in Beta there from Day one of closed Beta and the testers tried repeatedly to warn the Devs they had issues. The game went on without and bump or a change and proceeded to sink. Most of the problems driving people out of STO were apparent in Beta as well but were design decisions that could not be changed and get the game to market I suppose.

Originally Posted by Rhysling
Eve Online is a pretty game with 0 content. It has huge, vast isntances with nothing in them. No ground combat (though the devs have promised it for 4 years now without delivering) It's space combat is auto fire and orbit. But hey you can mine....
Have you played a Klingon? That my friend is what empty feels like.
Eve has Huge amounts of content. Massively more than both sides of STO combined and multiplied several fold. You do know about contacts and contact missions? They are similar to contacts in COx. What's wrong with orbit and autofire? You think trying to manually orbit while pressed spacebar as fast as you can is more fun or realistic? The game is supposed to be set in the far future. You can place a ship in autopilot and hold a trigger down even now, requiring more manual dexterity does not make a game more fun. I'm not sure how much you've played Eve but IMHO it isn't remotely fare to compair what STO has today with what EVE had at launch. STO is different apparently trying to fit between the SWG and EVE experiences. I just don't happen to think it is as good as either of the much older games. Have you seen the maps in EVE? No that feels like SciFi.

Originally Posted by Rhysling
Anarchy Online was awesome for its day. Its day is over.
It's still got enough players to keep it's doors open. That says a great deal about the game. It's almost 10 years old and enough people still play it for it to survive. Just because it's old does not remove it's complex history or the ground breaking nature of what it achieved. It's still on the market and it's still a better SCIFI MMO. It's just not bright and Shiny.

Originally Posted by Rhysling
STO is currently the best Scifi mmo out there.
You're entitled to your opinion. I am playing it but I don't think this is accurate. If there are 50K players logged into it next month I'll conceed that it is better than Eve. I don't there will be and I don't think it is.

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