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# 1 Memory Alpha Improvements
02-15-2010, 08:49 AM
I've been giving Memory Alpha some thought for a while now, it seems to be one of those little area's in the game thats screaming out for an overhaul, as it is right now, the layout is easy to get lost in and the colours and brightness aren't actually that much fun on the eyes either. Thus I decided to look into a redesign on the entire map :-

Memory Alpha Layout Improvements

The style would be similar to Earth dock, in that it would have that soothing Federation style to it, as you beam in you would have the reception hall, with the large globe in the current MA floating from a high ceiling. The reception desk would have the initial trainer, with a large UFP logo in the background, the aim is to 'wow' the player when they walk in, like a corporate reception area. The idea is to have a layout that directs traffic so people don't bump into each other too much, but at the same time keeps things fairly simple so people don't get lost!

From this central room, there would be 6 rooms branching off, all 'very' clearly labeled. These include the Engineering Upgrade room, Tactical Upgrade Room and Science Upgrade room, all of which would have a desk terminal with the NPC's standing at them, so there is no confusion who these people are, in each room there would also be a bank terminal for ease of use.

Further to these rooms I believe there really needs to be an Exchange room, after all, most people are going to want to sell the items they create or buy ingredients. As well as this, I've added a library room, after all, this is Memory Alpha, the hub of all knowledge, the library should have terminals like the one's on Kronos and Earth dock with all the ship types, there should also be faction information terminals as well as the game guide terminal as well. A possibility for this room could also be a terminal for accessing the website and forums, some games have done this in the past (like Earth and Beyond) and it worked quite nicely, Eve online also has an ingame browser, although this is a pipe dream, it is something that could fit nicely into this room if it were developed.

Basically, the idea is to make Memory Alpha more user friendly and far less daunting to the new player, and less inconvenient to the not so new player.

As for improvements to the system itself, we really need a way of seeing our progress in the system instead of haphazardly hoping we level up with each purchase made. I'm pretty sure that if recipes you can learn are added to the game as drops from exploration, or from experimenting with alien devices you acquire, that the MA system will flesh out quite nicely. For example, in Earth and Beyond, you could Analize and item and you had a chance of learning how to make it, this would really make the system far more fun, more so if using the samples to upgrade the items you learn to make is there also.

Anyway, I know alot of this has been said before, but I wanted to put the layout idea out there, because I really think the idea behind MA isn't that bad, it just needs fleshing out more still and refining to be more user friendly.

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