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Hey folks, how are ya'll doing?

My name's Paul or Ted or Militaryted (don't ask).
I'm new, and as is the custom, I thought I'd introduce myself... Hi.

I'm a long time Star trek fan, didn't take to TOS so well until my later years, not suggesting you need to be more mature to understand and appreciate it... I just think Shattner is hilarious.
More of a Next Gen fan, and from there onwards I haven't missed too many episodes across the shows.

So, there ya go... hello.

Actually, a very important question. As you've guessed... I bought the game but my computer is totally crap, doesn't run Microsoft word never mind Star Trek Online. Can someone advise me if STO will run with this processor:

AMD Athlon X2 240

I'm buying another computer that complies with all other recommended specs but that one confuses me,
It's not just to play this game but a few others that I've gathered over the past few years and haven't been played due to poor performance computers.

I know that with some extra effort my ill-educated computer orientated mind would find the answer but it just seems that there are so many experts in these forums and not asking you would be Illogical.
I'm hoping that you all can help me... and if you do, I may well join you in battle to save you. If you don't... I'll hunt you down like [Enter star trek reference here]!!!

Sound good? I hope so...

Pleasantly awaiting your help.
Paul / Ted / Militaryted

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