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# 1 Not what you think this is...
02-15-2010, 11:28 AM
I like STO. That is to say I liked STO. I finished the game, I "won". I am currently unemployed so I have quite a bit of free time and playing pretty casually I managed to get through the game. And having said that I will be canceling my subscription and not for the reasons I ever imagined I would. (this isn't exactly an "I quit" post so please keep reading.)

To counter the idiots;

No you can't have my stuff.
I am not your "brah" so don't bother saying "later" to me.

I will be keeping a close eye on STO to see if they deliver some more content but at the moment there isn't much left for me to do other than make another character and take a trip down memory lane for another 7-10 days (now that I know what all the missions are and where to go I imagine leveling will be even faster). I absolutely hate PvP so that isn't really an option.

And at the risk of making a "wall of text" I would like to point out some of the things that could improve the experience for future players, regardless of how short the game is:

Create enough unique missions to level to cap without having to grind. I realize that grinding is part of most MMO's but in truth you can usually get from level 0 to level X without having to camp monsters (exploration missions). Having your mission log dry up is distracting and it gives you a feeling of an intentional speed bump in the level process. It makes exploration missions feel like a band-aid to cover up the lack of content.

Fix the tool tips. Someone should take a few days/weeks to rewrite most (if not all) of the tool tips so that they are more informative. Ships should have clear cut descriptions that touch only faintly on canon, and not be description based exclusively on canon. When selecting a new ship I don't care that it was developed in secret or that it was based off of an older design. I want to know tangible information like where it's strengths are and what it's weaknesses are in an easy to read well laid out format.

A small personal beef: Don't give missions for an area you cannot get to until you can get there. Getting missions to explore Gamma Orionis and the B'Tran Cluser beyond it at RA 1 and RA 2 and not getting the ability to actually go there until RA 3 is just silly. Specifically when you run out of missions and you have to just grind your way up high enough to reach RA 3.

Never stop giving sector information. I would assume that our ships have maps and navigational information, the captain of a ship shouldn't have to remember passing a solar system to navigate back to it. This isn't some rural wasteland where we have to "take a left where the old Johnson place used to be". Excluding sector information and replacing it with "Romulan Front" in the mission description is not good story telling. It is frustrating and annoying.

Develop a manual for the game. This is a no-brainer and baffles me as to why it isn't more complete. Sure there is a manual on the website but it is painfully lacking in information the player cares about.

A final word;

Obscurity is no replacement for ingenuity. Making things hard to understand or obtuse does not make them challenging or good. It makes them annoying and frustrating... it makes the game "elitist" as the valuable information within the game (crafting, system locations, progression) are only known to those that have been there and done that and many people (myself included) find joy in seeking that information for ourselves and not just spamming chat asking people where to go and what to do. The fact that I have to go to a third party website to get that information (such as which systems are in which sector) is disturbing.

I will probably dink around with the game for the remainder of my free time so maybe content patches will keep me interested, I hope they do. I would like nothing more than to keep my subscription going because I still love the space combat... even if it doesn't match up with the Federations ideals.

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