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Like everyone, I started with a character that I worked hard on, kept on tweaking until I had someone that just looks cool. I gave him the obligatory Vulcan science officer (though he IS a bit on the short side), the hot tactical chick with long legs and big you-know-whats, and the hard drinking brawler of an Andorian engineering officer.

Thing is, I got bored with my characters. I tried the Klingon campaign, but it just wasn't the right feel for me.

So I started from scratch and created a new crew, and let my creativity run free a bit. I'm still working on the rest of the crew, but here are the main three, starting with my new captain:p I apologize in advance for the obvious immaturity of the following

Itchus Skrotumus, Captain of The Ba'alsak:

Shmax, Chief of Security:

Ugly Betty, don't really know what she does, besides being ugly:

So has anyone else been working on less serious characters? If so, lets see them

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