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I remember back when Star Trek Legacy was first released and all i could think of was how much potential was wasted in that game and how pathetic the Gameplay actually was (you could not even roll or fly a looping! only 90 up and down... in a SPACE game... yay)

I still played the sh*t out of it, just like i do now with STO because it was STAR TREK and i am a Fanboy.

Taking a look back now... it doesn't even seem that pathetic anymore somehow.

Seriously! Take a look yourself:

TNG Mission:

TOS Mission:

what i recognice now:
- proper Voiceovers! (i honestly dont see one frakking Text Window telling me what to do, how is that possible !?)...
- ...realy EPIC even with Sisko's, Picard's and Kirk's voices to name just a few!
- actual STORY inside the missions, not just *find the 5 shiny, kill 5 klingon mobs, repeat*
- you could WARP (with a real good looking warp effect) instead of just "full impuls"
- no red and blue lines behind ships ...and yet they still somehow appear to be moving?
- even the Galaxy Class looks very much like you would expect it to look like.
- even Starbases look like if they realy are from Star Trek and not just .... some random starbase-thingy

of course it is missing all that fun MMO stuff like...
- Social hubs, we all couldn't live without Risa anymore, right?
- no crafting at all, i realy wouldn't know what to do with all those anomalies if no Memory Alpha existed!
- no massive online battles ...only against A.I. Ships or cheap 5 player multiplayer deathmatch stuff
- not even the daily downtime or rubberbanding, i never would know when to quit playing!
- no new content... oh wait, that's wrong you could MOD that game and have pretty much every Spaceship there ever was: like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHXMntPMPsU (yeah they are not all that professional, but the example is served and i am to lazy now to search for the lot of good ones)

oh and the Game was a cheap Xbox 360 port from the end of 2006, with a little updated Star Trek Armada Engine, so don't mind the cheap UI or buggy controls, the game was rushed out, you know?

...no sarcasm intended, sad but true.

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